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First let me thank Evelyn L. for the referral; to let you know how you blessed me in the disposition of my property; and your thoughtfulness while serving as my Realtor!
Although I was absent, but for a couple of pop-ins, you did your job with enthusiasm, always upbeat and informative, throughout the process! You promised that you'd get the property sold and you did! Get excited! I never had a worry, as you put things and people together to make the goal of selling the property number one.  To me, you are # 1 in your profession and customer satisfaction, and I will always refer you when I meet anyone who needs a realtor! 
Keep that wonderful spirit that you always exude!
Very appreciative,
Wilma P.



Cassandra Phillips, (Phillips Price Realty)  Working with Cassandra Phillips was a great educational and enriching experience. Cassandra is both confident and humble when sharing her vast knowledge of the real estate purchasing process. She is always a phone call away, she stays close by, and she is well informed of any adjustments either day or night, (she makes time to be available).     Cassandra answers questions with expert precision, and she returns calls quickly which helped with our stability of mind and focus on the task. I don’t think there are many people with the level of compassion, humor and dedication that can match the efforts Cassandra puts forth.  Working with Phillips Price Realty was a most pleasurable experience that my husband and I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a real estate purchase. I must also mention, from the initial meeting until the final closing, Cassandra’s service certainly cover’s all bases of the real estate endeavor. We love our new home.                                                                                                         Respectfully,

R Burnom and A Shetet



"After using Phillips Price Realty to find a new home it's easy to understand why their business has been coined by so many in North Texas as their Realtor for Life.  I guess that makes me a customer for life." - Carl O. Sherman


When we decided to buy our first home, we knew that we needed to find a realtor that would hold our hand and walk us through the home buying process, as well as all of our options.  After asking around, we received a referral from a fellow church member and decided to call and schedule an appointment with Cassandra at Phillips Price Realty.  From the first time we met with Cassandra, we knew right away that we wanted to work with her.  Cassandra was very knowledgeable, thorough, and gently guided us through the process with lots of patience and encouragement.  Although we weren’t sure what exactly we were looking for, she quickly learned our tastes and led us to houses that were closer and closer to what we were looking for until we finally found the perfect home for us.  Cassandra went above and beyond in helping us find and fall in love with our first home.  We are truly grateful for all of her help and hard work.  Thank you Phillips Price Realty!  - Stevie and Kathryn S. 2014


Our  experience with Cassandra  Phillips Price realty was no less than Great! From the beginning to the end the professionalism shown by Cassandra should be taught to all realtors as an example to follow. If you want results use Phillips Price Realty - The Crockett Family



I will probably never be able to FULLY express how happy I am to have found Cassandra Phillips at Phillips Price Realty. She has definitely been a God send. The real estate business (buying or selling) is a very involved process. A roller coaster of emotions.


Cassandra was great about helping me figure out what I truly wanted in a property. She is extremely patient, kind and she works effortlessly to make sure you're happy. When I first met Cassandra, one thing that stuck out is she told me, "I treat my clients exactly how I would want to be treated". And that statement could not have been more accurate. Cassandra assisted me with every single step of the home buying process....beginning to end. What I loved is, Cassandra is an excellent listener and she quickly learned what I wanted most and was always proactively looking for me properties that fit that criteria. When I would get discouraged from time to time, she was always so encouraging and kept me motivated to stay positive. And it paid off. I closed in September 2013 and I LOVE my new home! Even after I closed, Cassandra was still working hard to get me set up with all the numbers I would need for utilities, locksmiths, etc. Anything I wasn't thinking of, Cassandra was already thinking of it.


When looking for a realtor, having someone 'nice' is great! But more than anything, you want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, and diligent. Someone who is passionate about their business and someone who truly knows the real estate industry! Cassandra is all that and more and more than exceeded my expectations. I will tell you just like I told her........I could NOT have asked for a better home buying experience with her and I definitely could not have asked for a better realtor!!! She's not only my "Realtor for Life", I consider her a "Friend for Life"! You definitely will not go wrong with Phillips Price Realty!!


Ecstatic Client for Life!

T.D. Bragg 



KUDOS TO CASSANDRA! My name is Kim and I had the pleasure of having Cassandra Phillips as my realtor. I’m a woman of a particular age with no husband and no kids. I never thought I’d be my age with no home to call my own. I started my search for a home way back in 2000 and just after I was approved, I lost my job, so the house search was on hold. I had to move back in with my mom. I couldn’t find a job that paid what I needed so off to college I went (at my age). No sense in wasting any more time, right? Fast forward to 2010…sitting at home and chatting with mom, just really frustrated with the neighborhood and ready to move! I asked “how long have I been here, 6 or 7 years? 9 years, almost 10” she said. “Oh it’s waaay passed time to go”, I replied. The search was on again! The first realtor (a man) wasted my time for a whole year so now it’s Aug 2011 and I still don’t have a husband, kids, or a house. The second realtor (a woman) didn’t seem to know enough about the business or the area I was looking in. The third realtor was a relative (a man) and he lived across town so it was just difficult to meet. Then in Nov I got 2 referrals through an email at my credit union (a man and a woman). I just picked the woman to even it out. IT WAS THE RIGHT DECISION, FINALLY!!! Cassandra Phillips is professional and she knows the real estate business. She was always prompt when responding to my questions. I never had to wait or go to her office to fill out paperwork. She was always ready on the spot and had what we needed for transactions. Cassandra is not only professional, but she is also personal and kind. There were several times when I wanted to give up and just get an apartment but she would not allow me to give up. She was encouraging and never overbearing. I never once felt rushed or pressured to make any decisions. Cassandra Phillips is dedicated to her craft and although there were some rough patches along the way, she made my journey to homeownership as comfortable and stress free as she could. I closed on July 30th 2012. I am truly blessed to have made her acquaintance and I look forward to purchasing my next home with her. MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!!! Kimberly K.

I began my house hunt with someone that did not meet my expectations.  So, when I was referred to Cassandra Phillips by my best friend, Linda Nichols, I explained to her what had happened and she immediately had answers to all of my questions.  She was very reassuring and contacted people that could help me with my specific situation.  And if she did not know, she would find out.  I love that Cassandra always remained professional and had encouraging words no matter what challenges we had to face (and there were many!).  I will refer everyone I know who wants to buy a house to Phillips Price Realty.  I could not even imagine going through this experience with anyone else.  It was the absolute best decision I ever made.

Peace & Many Blessings!

Best Wishes,


Me and my family had to find a place to stay, because the bank wanted us out of the house that we were renting, due to our landlord not paying his mortgage, not only that, he didn’t inform us of his foreclosure on the property, which left us in a bind and also prompted our decision to purchase a home of our own.
After endless days of computer and newspaper searches we found a sign, now to others this was just a sign for a house being sold, but to us, it was a sign that everything was going to be ok, because God had hand delivered us an angel who walked us threw a dark time in our life and stayed with us and held our hands until we were on the side of no longer renting someone else's property but embracing a home of our own and for that we.. me my wife and our kids will always love Cassandra Phillips a real angel from heaven, that which she is nothing less than …..an angel. Cassandra: thank you for all the knowing and unknowing things you have done for our family and for those acts of unselfishness we will always love you ,thanks again.
The :

Davis family


I purchased my first home with the help of two of the best in the business.  Cassandra worked with me from helping me get my credit on track to closing on my first home. I never would have thought the process would be so smooth. Anytime I had a question Cassandra was ready, willing and able to assist me.   I will be singing their praises for years to come for helping me and my family achieve the American Dream! Thank you both for making my dream a reality!!!

A Client For Life,
Toni B.
Dallas, TX



“I have enjoyed my entire experience with Cassandra. She was great to work with. Just after a few times we met, she developed a feel for the type of property I liked. This made it easy for me to trust her to find exactly what I was looking for. When I became discouraged during the home buying process, Cassandra was very inspirational and uplifting. The lines of communication were always open. When I needed her to come thru she delivered. Professionalism was maintained at all levels during the entire process. I would definitely say Cassandra is at the top of her game in this business. I came out with an excellent deal when it was all said and done. Needless to say now I’m in my first home. Cassandra made it happen for me. My first time homebuyer’s experience was special because of her. Kudos to Cassandra!!!”

First time homebuyer
L Green
Glenn Heights, TX


"I was relocating to Dallas and looking for my first home. Cassandra was referred to me by a friend. I was a first time homebuyer who did not know what to expect. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my first home to be but after seeing a few home I realized I wasn't sure what I wanted in a home. Cassandra helped me decide what was important to me and later showed me the perfect home. She walked me through the entire process from beginning to end and was always available to answer questions.  I encountered many bumps in the road with financing but with the constant encouragement I received from Cassandra, I continued with the home buying process. Thanks to Cassandra I purchased the home I fell in love with at first sight." 

First time homebuyer
Erica P.
Cedar Hill, TX


Phillips Price Realty is the best company to work with in Dallas.  As a Seller looking to sell a property and purchase another, Cassandra made the process unbelievably smooth.  Her knowledge and experience gave us exactly what we were looking for.  We worked together as a team through the entire process.  If you are looking to work with "TRUE" professionals then give Cassandra a call.  My family received the highlest level of service and we understand why her business is built on referrals!  Thank you Phillips Price Realty for making our dreams come true!

Your client for life,
Mr. Elliott, Cedar Hill, TX


  Cassandra Phillips of "Phillips Price Realty, Inc." is a true professional.

    My husband and I are not in the state of Texas at present. This Lady has taken the complexities of trying to secure our home to a level of making the process a comfort. She is constantly putting your needs first and satisfying them.
    The sheer mire of the real estate industry has become such a mecca of scam and con artists; that you have to thread lightly in who it is you are hiring to represent you.
     Ms. Cassandra Phillips has been a woman that gives you the best of what you're looking for in knowing her profession; and getting you the best deal available for your hard earned money.
     Her company is definitely the one to consider if you're looking to hire the best without the worry of anything. She guides you through it all with her knowledge, experience and her consistency.
     Phillips-Price Realty delivers what they offer in making your purchase an enjoyable experience; not the money pit nightmare, that so many have taken advantage of in this reccession.   With all the liars, schemers,scammers and skimmers. Do yourself a favor and Hire "Phillips-Price Realty".  Cassandra  Phillips character and integrity exemptifies her company. Thank You Cassandra.
                                Darrel & Conchita V.
                                              Fort Worth,TX


Ashani and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work.  Without you home ownership would still be a dream for us at this time.  We know it wasn't easy.  But, you all went above and beyond to get us into our home on Friday.  We will be moving this weekend.  You are the best.  We will let you know when we get settled.


We will recommend you to everyone we know looking for a home!!! 



Mr. & Mrs. Jamaal L.
Dallas, TX

My husband and I spontaneously decided to purchase a home. Due to my curiosity I called Cassandra one day just to see if she could tell me what we needed to do to get started. In less than an hour Joy Gomez our mortgage broker was calling to complete an application. I honestly never expected anything to happen because we are a young couple who was inquiring out of curiosity. To my surprise  by the weekend the search for our new home began .From that day fourth Cassandra always made us feel like we were her only clients. She is very knowledgeable, honest,professional, flexible and most of all encouraging.We never imagined all of the effort it would take to purchase a home. There were a few bumps along the way, but Cassandra kept them minimal.Now that we are new homeowners every bump was worth it. We have been in our home now for a week and others would consider their job done. However, Cassandra has continued to go above and beyond to help us. I can't imagine going thru this process without her. I am very thankful for everything. She is not only our realtor for life but our family. Thank you so much Cassandra, Job well Done!
                                                                                                                    Ecstatic First Time Homeowners,
   Jair & Cherita M.
     Grand Prarie,Tx